A few days after his wedding Onesimus Safari leaves for Nairobi promising his wife Hannah he will find a job and build them a beautiful home in the city. Once there Safari struggles to earn a living until he finally lands on good job as an insurance salesman.

With his new wealth, Safari enjoys Nairobi spending nights out with different women and returning to his wife on weekends. His life changes shortly after Hannah gives birth to their first child, Safari falls sick and is unable to shake the illness. A compassionate doctor explains that Safari contracted AIDS from casual sex and urges him to change his lifestyle. Safari’s life is at stake, along with lives of people he would infect with AIDS through sexual contact. If Safari has infected Hannah, then she and the baby may also die, since AIDS is passed between mother and child.

Safari’s realistic story is one of a man who moves to the city in search of a brighter future, but in the process finds more than he bargained for including the ugly reality of AIDS.

Produced by : Arnold C Mayer

Length: 37 min