Our Mission is to increase the availability of communication materials, specifically films and videos, relevant to the development needs of Africa through production, distribution and training.

Post Production Facilities

We offer post production facilities and below are some of them.


The Avid Media Composer is a digital nonlinear editing system with high-performance real-time capabilities and a professional-grade image quality. We have rich creative tools and support for the most widely used and emerging formats, with unlimited collaborative possibilities


The Digidesign ProTools provide a comprehensive, manual command of the Pro Tools environment while offering the familiar feel and layout of traditional analog consoles and thus placing our Pro Tools system’s extensive capabilities literally at the fingertips of our experienced engineers

FinalCut Pro

Final Cut Pro is the creative, professional, sophisticated and extensible tool for editing, compositing effects and with audio tools. It allows professional editors to meet demanding post production deadlines while maintaining their creativity.

We make films FOR Africa and African audiences, as opposed to making films ABOUT Africa for North American and European audiences.

– John Riber, Co-Founder of MFD

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